Hi, I’m Chez,

Do you feel stuck in your life? Is there an issue that’s bothering you? Do you have to make a significant choice and wish you could understand better the dynamics and implications involved? Do you wish you could look at your life from a different perspective, see the map laid out, understand your deeper purpose, and where you best contributions could be made?

My spiritual guides showed me a technique for accessing stories in answer to a client’s question, or to shed light on an issue. My inner eye sees a TV monitor connected to each person, which shows his or her particular story at that moment. I follow a process to pose your question and then connect to the answer showing on your particular film screen. I watch the answer unfold in the form of a movie, each one unique, and transcribe the story. 

When we get stuck in the worm eye’s view and can’t see where to turn, a guiding story can help by offering a new perspective as well as practical advice and insights. 

  • The larger perspective makes you feel seen and understood.
  • Metaphorical language opens doors to many levels of understanding
  • The story is your own. The experience of the story and the ability to work with narrative gives you back a sense of agency in your life.

“You are astute and compassionate, with an unusual gift –  an uncanny ability to perceive and describe my life and current issues in resonant and pertinent imagery. Your stories capture the essence of the presenting question or dilemma and, like a well-appointed dream, they help to reveal its emotional and psychological undercurrents.”   – JD, Maine


Your unique custom story comes as an allegory. This form provides a new point of view. The position of a point of view determines relationships to other elements and to the larger context. Together, these make up the relational field. In a guiding story, your issue or question is laid out in narrative form as a relational field, with the freedom and ability to shift the pattern.

Depending on what you need to know, your story can explore the current energies and dynamics at play in your life, give you fresh insights and perspective, indicate possible actions and their likely outcomes, and help you choose the best course ahead.

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful and meaningful story – really special and helpful. As a visual processor, it paints a picture that provided me with more insight into the issues facing me than what comes through with just words alone, allowing me to explore emotions and feelings. The story also provided me with a visual field to explore from different angles and perspectives, to help discover and play with the various meanings or messages it contained. I found the story very accurate in depicting the issues in my life. Your follow up was also very helpful and further confirmed for me that you were accurately tapping into a spiritual realm and connecting with my process. Thank you very much for this wonderful and unique opportunity. Your work is important to our understanding of this life experience.” – TS, Ohio


Stories take us on a journey, generating feelings as we experience events. In the arc of a guiding story, choices are made; resolution becomes possible; transformation takes place. By the time the story is over, an energetic shift has already occurred.

A guiding story can shed light on an issue that’s bothering you, or point to a path forward if you are stuck. If you don’t have a pressing concern, a guiding story can give you a general view of where you are in life. (Birthdays and other milestones are great occasions for this.) If you are not sure how to frame your question, I’ll be happy to discuss what you are looking for and how I might help.


The stories are unique to each individual. Depending on your question, your personal story might explore the current energies and dynamics at play in your life, indicate possible actions and their likely outcomes, and point you towards the best course ahead. An analogy would be that I have a little sailing boat on a beautiful lake. I take passengers out for excursions on the water, sometimes as far as the rocky, forested island rising from the middle. For each passenger, the name of the boat is different. You have never been on the water, let alone out to the island, and you would dearly love to go, so you approach me at the boat. I  set out a ramp to enable you to come aboard. Given you can’t sail or swim, I am mindful of how much trust and responsibility you are placing in me to take you into unfamiliar territory. As we cross the water, I’m the pilot and crew; you are the one having the experience. What you see is your own view. Gazing back at the mainland, you survey it with fresh eyes. You’ve only travelled that landscape by foot before, but now, with the benefit of distance and perspective, you can connect the dots from place to place and appreciate the whole. From this viewpoint, perhaps you can see the road you need to take, a new path to explore, or understand where certain directions would lead, how different ecosystems interrelate. As we skirt the shore of the island, particular details pop out and have meaning for you. On the island, maybe you discover something new, retrieve something you had lost, deposit something for safekeeping, or encounter a new and exciting opportunity you want to delve into further. By the time we return to the mainland, the voyage has already changed you. And the process of change will continue over time as the new information and insights settle, and as you start to implement the resolutions and ideas that arose from your journey.

In this simple example, the lake symbolizes the imagination and the interior realms; the journey stands for the process; while the boat represents the narrative itself, which enables new understanding. But, more than just a story, your personal narrative will have an energetic value. It carries its own enchantment, and can harness a power for transformation, acting on inner and outer realms.